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Vega Pd-03 Pedicure Tool (1 Nos)

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Pedicure is a must to keep you feet clean and looking beautiful. The most important part of pedicure is the removal of dead skin. Vega Pedicure file, is one of most frequently used pedicure files in many parlors. Vega is the market leader in beauty products and parlor accessories know for its quality and durability. Vega pedicure file has two sides for your convenience. The coarse side to remove the rough dry skin to give your skin a glow and the smooth side for the delicate areas and to give your feet a perfect finish. Vega Pedicure File has been designed ergonomically and is safe to use. It does not rust quickly or turn blunt. Vega Pedicure File has a firm hand grip that ensures the file does not slip out during a pedicure. Vega pedicure file softens calluses, corn and removes hard dry skin. Use the new Vega Pedicure file for a perfect pedicure and beautiful looking feet.
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